About Us

Have you ever heard that you can't buy happiness? Well, for the most part, that's a fairly accurate statement. Yet, when I had the opportunity to become the owner of this amazing little flower and gift shop, I quickly learned that sometimes, you really can buy happiness.

My name is Jan Wood and I am the proud owner of Petals Port Townsend. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to be in the business of spreading joy and sometimes comfort, through creativity, design and love. It's what those who have shopped with Petals for years have come to rely upon and I'm committed to continuing that legacy.

It is my goal to provide the best flowers and gifts from local suppliers and abroad and to provide you with an excellent customer experience every single time. I promise to do what's right, and to ensure that we do our very best, in everything we do.

We're proud to design each bouquet by hand, with heart, and to source our flowers from providers that live up to our growing and processing standards.

And where we have the opportunity to partner with local artisans and craftspeople, that is our first choice for all of the items in our gift shop and one we seek to continue and expand. We're committed to living our values, and to do our very best for our customers, employees, vendors, and the environment.


Thank you for the opportunity to bring a little happiness to your lives!